Doug Gottlieb's Alternative NBA Finals Thoughts

Since we're focusing on Lebron playing incredibly with a broken hand and Kevin Durant winning an MVP(Steph being right there)— here are some other Finals thoughts

1. Steve Kerr’s adjustment to using McGee was paramount. Sure he looked lost at times in Game 1, but he settled down and gave them a rim protector/finisher they didn’t use vs. Houston. I’ll bet Kerr would say it was a mistake not to use him looking back.

2. Warriors are a completely different team with Andre Iguodala. He makes just enough shots to keep you honest and does all the little things at both ends that the others don't do. Without him, you could attack Steph or his replacement on defense. Iggy is fantastic in his role.

3. Shaun Livingston is a Pro's Pro. Came back from one of the worst injuries imaginable and just plays his game. Good Mid-range game in 20 minutes of selfless basketball. The guy bounced around the league and is now a 3x champ.

4. Draymond Green has got to figure out his shooting. Might be his shoulder or it might be inside his head. You can’t see his passing skills as much because his man is in the passing lanes. Still a ridiculous competitor.

5. Missing in the Lebron discussion is that his game keeps evolving. His fadeaway is coming along as a go to as he ages, plus his jumper and finishing shots are improved. He doesn’t move as well defensively, but he picks his spots for when he uses his energy.

6.  Cleveland Cavaliers overall talent isn’t good enough, but some of that is the classic “sign guys to big contracts after a championship.” Tristan Thompson has regressed some; He obviously doesn’t work on his game enough. J.R. Smith should be a bench guy and makes too much money.  

Lebron also should have met with Kyrie Irving.

7.  The NBA is in an interesting spot. Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kristaps Porziņģis, and Anthony Davis are all incredible talents...but small ball obviously works, and scoring in the post is inefficient mostly due to how the game is officiated.  

Will the league adjust?

8. Jordan Clarkson is a perfect example of the different levels of "the double-digit scorer his entire career on bad teams." He got buckets in the regular season for the Cleveland Cavaliers but was basically unplayable in the playoffs.


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