Enes Kanter Says Damian Lillard Practiced Same 37-Foot Shot in Shootaround


Listen to Enes Kanter join The Herd just hours after his Portland Trailblazers teammate Damian Lillard made one of the most iconic shots in NBA history to oust the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kanter said it was the most wild moment of his basketball career and said he still vividly remembers watching Lillard’s 2014 buzzer beater against the Houston Rockets with his father in Turkey.

Kanter said Lillard was actually practicing the same exact step-back 37-foot three-pointer he won Tuesday night's game with in the morning shootaround before Game 5.

Kanter also discussed the cultural differences between the Thunder and the Blazers, as Kanter spent three seasons in Oklahoma City from 2014-2017 before eventually landing in Portland for the final 23 games of 2019. Kanter says he hasn’t talked trash since his time in OKC, and says Russell Westbrook was one of the game’s biggest trash talkers, while Lillard would tell Enes to to ‘stay calm’ and ‘just win’.

Check out the full interview below.


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