Zion Williamson Should Refuse to Sign with the New Orleans Pelicans

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the New Orleans Pelicans fans celebrating one of the happiest moments of their entire lives as sports fans better be aware that Zion Williamson hasn’t signed a damn thing yet to play for their city.

For one, Zion reportedly has yet to sign an agent, so the 18-year-old phenom could still return to Duke if he wanted, but Colin believes Zion should simply tell the Pelicans they need to trade him or he’ll sit out a year and play for the U.S. National Team or even professionally overseas.

Check out the audio below as Colin thinks Zion and his camp were extremely unhappy with the way the events unfolded last night with one of the most iconic young athletes of all time getting picked by a poorly run franchise. Colin thinks this might actually be a GOOD thing for David Griffin and the Pelicans... Find out why:



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