Washington's NFL Team Will Use Temporary Name For 2020 Season

New York Giants v Washington Redskins

Washington D.C.'s NFL team will not come up with a permanent replacement for their old name year. Instead, the team will be known simply as the Washington Football Team this season. The team will keep their burgundy and gold color scheme and remove the old logo from their helmet and replace it with the player's number.

The team has partially rebranded its website, which is still redskins.com, and is planning to remove all references to their old name and logo from all digital and physical spaces by their season opener on September 13.

The team was under a tight deadline to come up with a new name, after officially retiring the name Redskins on July 13. According to the Washington Postthe name change needed to happen before July 28, which is when the team starts training camp.

Team officials will continue to work with players, alumni, fans, community leaders, and sponsors to come up with a new name and logo. Merchandise featuring the temporary name and logo will be available for fans to purchase in the coming days.

Photo: Getty Images

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