Kareem Jackson Talks Deshaun Watson, Nick Saban & JJ Watt

Colin Cowherd brings on 9-year NFL vet, and cornerback for Houston Texans, Kareem Jackson and they discuss in depth the emergence of Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, Jackson's history with Alabama Football's Nick Saban and the effectiveness of JJ Watt at the defensive end this NFL season.

Kareem Jackson on Deshaun Watson:

Cowherd: "When did you know when you saw him at practice, 'Ok, this is THE GUY?'"

Jackson: "I would say his first camp. Some of the throws he was making, the decisions he was making...a lot of times younger guys are hesitant to make certain throws, but he's never hesitant in what he wants to do. Once he makes his mind up, he fires the ball right away....that was probably when I realized he was going to be one of the great ones."

Listen to the full interview below.


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