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Melannie Cunningham is the Director of Multicultural Outreach and Engagement at Pacific Lutheran University and she’s talked to us before about institutionalized racism, bias and stereotype threats, diversity, equity & inclusion and power, privilege and oppression.  Issues minorities deal with on a regular basis. 

Mrs. Cunningham is doing such an amazing job, she just got an award for it! 

On April 4, the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize committee announced SHE is this year's laureate "for her exemplary work promoting racial reconciliation." 

What does that mean for Melannie Cunningham and what else can we learn about the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize committee? That's why we invited the 2018 Greater Tacoma Peace Prize laureate, Melannie Cunningham, and Dan Schabot, Communications Director for the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize. Listen to our talk here...

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