Doug Gottlieb Says Social Media Led to Antonio Brown's Downfall

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Doug Gottlieb: “I think Antonio Brown's problem is social media. Social media constantly tells athletes that they’re right and authority is wrong. Go look at Twitter. The President is the biggest idiot on earth, Congress is a bunch of idiots, CEOs are massively overpaid egomaniacs, commissioners are evil, owners are modern-day slave owners, the NCAA is BAD… ALL of these things are BAD. All these people have issues with authority; it’s like a generation of people with mom, dad, and authority issues. It all comes out because there’s all this support for people who ‘go against the grain’… Antonio Brown doesn’t NOT want to play football, he’s just a part of this social media generation that thinks they’re always right and authority is wrong. Twitter says everyone is dumb except the players and except the people who go against the grain.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks social media led to Antonio’s Brown's rapid downfall in the NFL, as Gottlieb believes this modern era of rebellion has been greatly influenced by a Twitter culture that endorses anyone that is insubordinate towards authority.

Brown’s offseason with the team had loon been bizarre to say the least, but his relationship with the team really came to a boil when Brown posted a story to Instagram Wednesday with a picture of a letter he had received from Raiders GM Mike Mayock that was notifying Brown that Oakland had intended to fine him for missing team activities.

News broke a day later, with Mayock reportedly incensed by the stunt from AB for releasing such delicate information on the public sharing app, which was obviously meant to embarrass Mayock and stir up support from his rambunctious following.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport were blowing up Twitter on Thursday with updates regarding the team possibly suspending, and even releasing Brown.

Gottlieb details why athletes like Brown now think it’s ‘cool’ to be anti-authority and anti-establishment, because of the support they attain on Twitter from a demographic that is usually made up of disgruntled young people themselves.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb explains why he believes social media is making athletes become extremely militant towards their own franchises, and making them believe they can just use their own brand as leverage to refuse ever bending the knee to authority... And in-turn damaging their own careers.

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